Artist and Businessman Trick Trick shares words of wisdom from his OG

Traditionally a man of few words, and more about his action and art, recently in his interview with SwaysUniverse Trick Trick reveals some of his life lessons.

Trick Trick passes on Wisdom!

In the world of hip-hop, there’s time for growth and enlightenment.  One of the most notorious figures in the hip-hop community, Trick Trick, is currently sharing his transformation and what he has learned in his experiences.  In the past, Trick Trick has issued many statements verbally or non-verbally.  Continue reading


Hand It Over

In King Los’s recent interview with, he drops some jewels of wisdom.

During the interview, King Los talks about his music, which I’m sure is a great body of work and very appealing to fans.  The most interesting parts of the interview are the jewels of wisdom he shares from his experiences, during creating the album and shooting a video.  One jewel shared, when asked about the spiritual direction of his music, King Los speaks about the balance within his music and his individuality.

“I’m in touch with who I am and am focused on becoming greater than whom I was.” – King Los Continue reading