Destiny’s Child returns with new track entitled “Nuclear”.

destinys-child-2After 9 years (2004) since dismantling the super group Destiny’s Child has returned to the music forefront with a new compilation disc, entitled Love Songs, accompanied by a new track entitled “Nuclear”.  The song features the writing talents of Michelle Williams, Lonny Bereal, and James Fauntleroy.  The track is produced by Pharrell Williams and had its’ world premiere on 1/11/13, I’m sure a special day on an esoteric and numerological level.

Pre-listening thoughts:  Why after a 9 yr. hiatus, is Destiny’s Child returning to the scene with a love song  entitled “Nuclear”.  The last thing I want to associate love with is energy that has a great potential for good, but when used wrongly can cause massive destruction and illnesses for years to come.  Interesting thought, let’s take a listen.

Destiny’s Child – Nuclear (Listen Now)

Notes While listening:  It starts out with the words “I Love you”, it has an Up-tempo beat (unexpected).  “You had your dreams”, “Keep our Sh** together”, “to become one on a quantum level”, “when we heat up”, “there’s nowhere to run”, “throw it all away” (echoed).

Post-listening thoughts:  The song has the strength to be interesting and powerful.  It’s always great to hear a love song with a little beat to move to.  One of the official definitions of the word nuclear is “of pertaining to, or forming a nucleus.”  Let’s take the positive spin.  In a sense, the song is potentially describing an energy that binds two people together so strongly that “there’s nowhere to run.”  In essence it’s a beautiful thing, when someone is close in proximity and the energy/connection is so strong that we become one.  I give the song 3.5 stars out of 5.  On second thought “Nuclear” gets 3 stars out of 5.   A .5 star has been deducted due to the unnecessary use of the word “sh**,” which now makes the track need parental guidance and thus is not completely kid-friendly.  Good job Destiny’s Child!

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