Get Lucky with the Soul Rebels, Daft Punk, and Pharrell Williams

Growing up in New Orleans, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Soul Rebels during my childhood and adulthood.  The Soul Rebels band is a signature staple for the New Orleans vibe and culture.  When I started following them on Facebook I realized how special they really are.  Gradually they began posting about performances around the world and meeting all these people.  I was amazed.  I realized the Soul Rebels are sharing this beautiful musical experience around the world.

After hearing the original version of Get Lucky by Pharrell and Daft Punk, I thought it was a really good song.  I figured it was another feel good song about meeting someone in the bar/club and having sex with them shortly afterwards, getting lucky right.  Now I am no stranger to this act, but these days I choose to listen to songs promoting love, sacredness, etc., doing my part for a stable relationship.   One day I saw an interview with Pharrell and he gave a breakdown of the song.   He said the song is about having a wonderful night, meeting a beautiful person, watching the sunrise, and so much more.   I thought bullshit, it’s about sex.  I said, “Here’s another artist trying to bring some higher level meaning to a song about sex.”

Then the Soul Rebels “Power” mixtape came out and I heard their brass band version of Get Lucky.  I was blown away. I fell in love with the song in a different way:  the Spirit, the Energy, the Vibe.   Then it hit me, it does mean to “Get Lucky”.  The Soul Rebels, Pharrell, Daft Punk, and so many others in my life are exemplifying what “Get Lucky” is.  Do what you love, Follow your dreams, Believe in yourself. and Allow yourself to Get Lucky in Life.  Pharrell was right.

Here’s a video inspired by my Ah Ha moment.  Enjoy!!!  Click here for the video or see below.

Follow Your Dreams.  Allow Yourself to “Get Lucky”.    – James Editor

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