Hand It Over

In King Los’s recent interview with, he drops some jewels of wisdom.

During the interview, King Los talks about his music, which I’m sure is a great body of work and very appealing to fans.  The most interesting parts of the interview are the jewels of wisdom he shares from his experiences, during creating the album and shooting a video.  One jewel shared, when asked about the spiritual direction of his music, King Los speaks about the balance within his music and his individuality.

“I’m in touch with who I am and am focused on becoming greater than whom I was.” – King Los

This is a powerful view about life.  Often as we’re on our Journey of Growth and Achievement we can get stuck in the cycle of comparison to others.  Having a mentor or a role model is great; they are often great sources of inspiration, motivation, and information.  Now if there is a part when you start feeling disappointed or depressed, the comparison has went too far.  Stop and smell the roses, or take a walk near a beach.  You are a unique individual with a unique gift and message in whatever work and/or path you’re on.  A good step to keep the focus and attention in perspective is to track your progress.  Keep a journal of the accomplishments and tasks that you have completed.  This will help you compare yourself to yourself, which at the end of the day is the only person that you can truthfully compare yourself too.  Everyone is constantly growing and changing, including you and your role models.

This leads perfectly into the next King Los statement that caught my attention, “At the end of the day, you can’t rely on your homies (friends), your momma, your daddy, your cousins, or your hood to uplift you when it’s beyond human means.”  King Los uses a recent encounter with a childhood friend to further explain this point of view.

King Los walking away

The last jewel I received from the interview, I applied immediately.

“You just have to give them God sometimes and step back.”

This jewel helped me through a recent situation.  When dealing with a loved one, I was struggling with the need to be the fixer, provider, and ultra-supporter, even past my own benefit or capability.  Whether you believe in a God, a Higher Power, Source, Higher Self, or the Universe, there comes a time when a wise choice is to lean on something Greater (outside of yourself) or outside of the Concept of Self.  The ego may be running on auto-pilot, causing a feeling like you’re obligated to do it alone or like you can handle it all by yourself, even when you’re lacking or like you have nothing to give.  Well I’m here to share, as King Los did, sometimes you have to hand the situation over and step back.  When things feel overwhelming, practice the wisdom of handing it over and taking a step back.  There’s peace in acknowledging that you’ve done your best in that given moment or situation.  Take a rest, pray, breathe.  Give what you can, know there’s something Greater at work, and be a Witness.

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