They Work Too!

I enjoyed the conversation and presence of the “Owner”.  He was educational and delightful. It was a different experience than expected; he being from a line of privilege, or white privilege.  He shared that the property had been in his family for 200 years.  So to him it was natural; all he knew was ownership and management of property.

Oddly enough, to my surprise, he was gracious.  He was not condescending.  He was welcoming.  He was gifted and sharing.  His wife was also gracious.  She was washing dishes when I walked in, and made sure to dry her hands before greeting me and shaking mine.  As I looked at their furnishing, they were antique and classic, yet modest.  They lived simple lives, and were simple people in a unique situation.  I appreciated their vibration.

I even got the feeling or vibration of his work ethic, and the effort and amount of work it goes into or at least he takes in maintaining and upgrading his properties. 

It was good to see that even “they” worked.  Contrary to popular belief or media portrayal, they are not all sitting on a yacht somewhere drinking tea and lemonade, resting on their laurels.  They work too!  A sigh of relief, the so called “privileged” work too.

  • J. Editor

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