Trick Trick shares wisdom of his OG

Traditionally a man of few words, and more about his action and art, recently in his interview with SwaysUniverse Trick Trick reveals some of his life lessons.

In the world of hip-hop, there’s time for growth and enlightenment.  One of the most notorious figures in the hip-hop community, Trick Trick, is currently sharing his transformation and what he has learned in his experiences.  In the past, Trick Trick has issued many statements verbally or non-verbally.  Also known as an enforcer of respect and honor for a specific code of life,  Trick Trick shares some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard from one of his mentors aka OG which is to seek to “Understand and not to be Understood.”  In the illustrious words of celebrity host Sway Calloway, “we have to let that breathe”.  Such powerful words applicable to everyday life, it demonstrates or implies patience and one of my favorite concepts “response vs reaction”. 

“Seek to understand vs to be understood.”

Check out the complete interview and transformation of one of hip-hop’s underground and above ground legends Trick Trick.  It’s great opportunity to see the maturation of one of hip hop’s legend, especially in sharing.

Thank you Trick Trick for sharing your wisdom.  And Thank you Sway for continuing to present the platform for this type of energy to be displayed.

You can catch the entire interview here.


Learn more about the artist and his music catalogue online via his Twitter account.

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